Paul Graham Essays Categorized by Theme

Since I live in a different town from my family, the holidays are the majority of the time I get to spend with my twelve year-old brother (we have a 17 year age gap).

Now that he’s nearly a teenager, he’s almost the age I was when I started thinking independently from family and friends. For me, a big part of that was discovering Paul Graham’s essays. Hopefully one day my brother reads through them (but I won’t force him).

This got me thinking: if I were to recommend them to him, would I want him to read them chronologically? Or should I point him to specific essays based on his interests?

Alternatively, if one were to compile all of Paul’s essays into a collection or a Hackers and Painters sequel, how would it be organized?

So below is my attempt at tagging Paul Graham’s essays by subject matter.

Startups – General Lessons:

Startups – On Location:

Startups – On Ideas:

Startups – For Founders:

Startups – On Investors:


Wisdom and Knowledge









Tech Industry Trends

Computer Programming

Spam Filtering

Distractions and Addictions

Art and Design

Y Combinator

PG’s Life